On 5th Septermber,2016 The Brown Nomad published it’s first book.


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It is a fictional tale about the author of the very first erotic art and literature,the Kamasutra.History speaks very little about him and his methodology of acquiring the required information and wisdom.The Brown Nomad thus had started this series to tackle this story fictionally.

Click on the title to read all about it on your Amazon Kindle Device or download the free Kindle App on your phone and read it. The price is only three US dollars and Two hundred rupees in Indian currency. (3$ or 200 rupees).It is available in the USA,UK,EU,Australia,Japan,Brazil,India and many more countries Amazon stores. Just type The Brown Nomad- Vatsyayana in your Amazon.in,Amazon.com,Amazon.Uk,Amazon.jp or whatever is the Amazon website if your country and you can get it there.


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