Welcome to my author website!

Who Are You?

If you are here you are definitely a reader or a writer or both.

This place is for you. You, who escapes into a fictional book to break out from daily life. At times the book is non fictional. You want to learn, you want to improve yourself. You know there is a better world out there for a better person. If you love fiction the book in your hand itself is the better world. You are comfortable with your current skill sets.

Why Are You Here?

You are here because you want to know more about the literary world. You want to know what constitutes this world of dream makers and fact seekers. Your Google search has brought you to this website because Google knew that this what you were looking for.

What Can You Get Here?

You can get the best,compressed and well complied knowledge of books and authors. You are not being sold anything. Infact, I am sharing my experiences with you. My experience of books,authors and ideas that changed the world. There will be times when you feel a bit lost. You will be needing some advice or some kind of  guidance. You will find it here. Consider this place an abstract library of an author. You will be sharing my perception of the world as well of the thousands of authors around the world.

How Will You Get What You Are Looking For?

Firstly by reading. You will receive the content in the form of texts on my blog, in the form of videos, both animated and live address. Everything will be simplified for your understanding and improvement. A book is written for the author. The Brown Nomad makes the book about the reader.

Where Else Can You Come Across The Brown Nomad?

On all social media websites. Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram too. You will be connected to The Brown Nomad on all these social media sites. All these are regularly updated to keep up with the interest of yours. There will not be a single article or post which you will overlook because you find it irrelevant.

Also, welcome To My Travel Website!

How is this website related to travel?

You have probably seen the author name, it reads “Nomad”. Nomad refers to wandering. The Brown Nomad doesn’t want people around him to read his books , The Brown Nomad wants to extends the boundaries, both political and geographical. Now who else does that? Yes, travelers. Travelling breaks down political and geographical barriers. Travelers are able to connect to people of different places and cultures more than any diplomat.

Thus, The Brown Nomad ( a travel writer himself) brings you travel stories from across the world. This website is not just restricted to just travel stories but also travel tips. The goal of these travel stories is to make traveling easy for The Brown Nomad readers. Reading about a place isn’t enough. One has to visit it in person to understand the true essences and nuances of it. The Brown Nomad helps in achieving this with travel tips and guidance in the form of short videos and blog posts.

Let’s us build a strong community of readers,writers and travelers. Let us strive towards the development of self and all those around us.

The more you share,the more you care.