Travel  is something that I ache for. It inspires me and also relaxes me. A beautifully pictured view is often captured my eyes and replayed whenever I feel blue.

Traveling to different parts of the world has opened me to various experiences and cultures.
One such life changing destination is Santiago in Chile.

I decided this place after carefully studying the countries that were close to snow and were also touristy.  The place tied me down for an entire week until I finally decided to pull myself and end the vacation.

The place isn’t very far away from where I come from but there are some stark contrasts. The prices are cheaper. The traffic is more organized. The people are polite. They have high value for Brazilian tourists. I even came across some Brazilians who moved there and were quite content with their lives.

The public healthcare and education system is great too. This overall made life quite comfortable there and made the experience much more pleasant than I expected.

The Graphic image of the traveller , made from the photo submitted, was done by the author, The Brown Nomad.

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Author: The Brown Nomad

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