Mongolia, my most memorable tourist destination.

When I close my mind and think of travel destination, countries like India, Thailand and Laos come to my mind. I decided to take a different path and chose to visit Mongolia. This decision lead me to my most memorable experiences of all times.

It started when I saw a few pictures of a friend promoting tours in Mongolia. The pictures were a perfect blend of beauty and wilderness. So I decided to visit it before it became too touristy.

I did some online research and realized that even the group tours weren’t cheap. This motivated me to travel solo to Mongolia.

The journey was hectic and it took me three flights and a total of 26 hours to get there.

This included flights and connecting flights through Malaysia, China and Inner Mongolia.

Couch surfing helped me and saved me a lot of trouble from getting to the capital city,Ulaanbaatar. This is the first capital city that I feel in love with me. It was very different from visiting the South East countries where the local businessmen would target tourists. Here the locals don’t care where you are from.

English is not commonly spoken in Mongolia. The youngsters on the street do speak English but more often than not even the sign boards are not in English.

Even during the Naadam event, the local’s don’t translate the commentary even though there are a lot of foreigners attending the event.

I took the help of locals, who helped me write down the directions and details, which I used to get from one place to another using the local buses.

I even hitch hiked, the travelers were kind enough to drop me off when the taxi prices were too high.

I got an amazing opputunity to teach English to the local kids in a summer camp.

Mongolia has a lot to offer to the average backpacker, it is a journey to a world uncorrupted by tourism.

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