Mallorca, Spain.
It is the largest island in the Balearic Islands, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean.

My visit to the beautiful country of Spain has a short back story associated with it.

I am a Graphic Designer. I used to live and work in Poland for a printing house. It was a part of a clothing company. I gave four years of my life to this company. I worked really hard and was very engaged in my work and career.

They rewarded me by making me the manager of the place. It was a great reward for the efforts I had put in. Unfortunately, I got Lead and Cadmium poisoning. This was life threatening.

This made me realize that my decisions were harming my health and body and I needed to slow down and take a step back.

I decided to quit my job and take a holiday to  Mallorca. It wasn’t like an all inclusive holiday. It was a workaway. I wanted to see how people lived their lives here. I picked this place because my friend had visited this place a year ago.

In Mallorca, I picked the village of Deia because I found a cermaic artist in the village that needed help. I had some prior experience with Ceramics. This experience helped me in giving useful inputs to the artist. The work was a perfect.

I had come here to stay for three weeks but I ended up staying here for three months. The bright sunshine, crystal clear waters and people smiling everywhere. After those three months in paradise coming back to Poland in the cold months of November was really hard.

My trip to  Mallorca felt like a dream. After sending the hard cold winter in Poland I was given the opportunity to move and I decided to not look back.

I had to leave my whole life behind in Poland but I was glad because I was going to leave behind the toxins and metals in my body too.

The people here are more relaxed and the biggest surrise for me was the fact that there was fiestas in the middle of the day. It usually started at 2pm and then moved onto 4pm or 5 pm.

Here in Poland people worked continuously from 7 am to 4 pm. I am glad I could get away from all of it. I am now trying to build a career as freelance Graphic Designer here.

If it doesn’t workout I shall move to Australia and try my luck there. I hope to find a warm place.

The Graphic image of the traveller , made from the photo submitted, was done by the author, The Brown Nomad.

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