Botswana, a country which has the best Africa has to offer. I added it to my travel destination because without it my journey was going to be incomplete.

I went to Makgadikgadi PAns in Botswana. The reason I chose this place is because it was the only region where we could see meerkats up close. I stayed at Jack’s Camp and it has been my best campsite so far.

I travelled from Botswana to London and this region was my last stop in Africa. I had already covered other amazing locations like Victoria Falls, Chobe rivers and the Okavango Delta.

Getting to the Campsite wasn’t easy. The most direct way would be to fly from a major airport like Johannesburg, but you would to stop in Maun first. The flight from Maun would most likely be a charter or a private one.

The people in a desert are scarred across the vast arid plains. They are very few in numbers and placed far away from each other.

The part of Botswana we were in was located in the Kalahari desert so it wasn’t very different from any other desert region in the world. We were a group of six travelers we stayed with the camp staff and the local Khoisan community that lived close by. Meeting them and learning how the survived the harsh climate was an eye opener to the privileges we had. Their language was very unique as it contained clicking sounds along with regular speech.

Botswana has a lot to offer to female travelers like me. The beautiful desert vibe. The warm locals and they helpful camp staff. They are provided me with one the best travel experiences ever. Not to mention, the exciting time I had with the meerkats.

Getting close to them, playing with them and petting them reminded me of scenes from the movies like Life Of Pi and Madagascar.

Travel tips for Botswana

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