Female travel.

In this world that has so much to offer, I was feeling left out because of my safety concerns when it came to travel. There was a lot of uncertainty and safety issues regarding traveling as a woman.

I decided to not worry about it so much, take a step ahead and hope for the best.

I have been nomadic for a year now and I work as an a illustrator.  My first nomadic journey was across Europe. I chose this place as it was my home continent. I used to live in Paris before I started my nomadic journey thus it game me some amount of confidence to take a risk.

Sadly, Europe wasn’t as safe as I expected. I was robbed three times during my travels. I did love my journey across Europe, I didn’t face any culture shocks. It was very thrilling and exciting.
The only downfall was when it came to safety as I was robbed thrice during my journey.

This never happened to me in any other part of the world but in my own home continent.  I am currently in South-East Asia, I have been here before and I came back because I really liked this place.

Buddhism and Eastern Philosophies practiced here are very comforting and make me feel very good about myself. The way these philosophies are taught and practiced have a profound impact on how people in this part of the world behave when compared to the rest of the world.

People are warm and friendly. Everyone is extremely humble and loving. I felt the same way when I went to Kenya and Tanzania. The people were really warm and friendly. It felt ery similar to middle-eastern hospitality. I am Lebanese so I could totally feel comfortable and right at home which such an environment.

It was somehow easy to find my way around these cultures. I think most traditional cultures have  a few things in common, like the importance placed on family and community, solidarity between people, kindness towards strangers.

I would say my biggest culture shock happened in Morocco, which was very surprising to me since I thought I would feel closer to that culture, being from an Arabic country too. It was quite difficult to travel alone as a woman. Street harassment was pretty common. There was also a lot of communication problem. Nevertheless I enjoyed traveling across Morocco. It was an experience like none other.

The concept of personal space differs in each part of the world and drastically in places outside of Europe. It is very important that you adopt to  the culture of place that you visit. As travelers you are the visitor, the intruder. It is your job to blend in.

As travelers, I feel we should travel to a place without judging the locals or commenting and comparing as to how good things are back home.

Here are some travel safety tips for women

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