The most populated and one of the largest countries in the world. Not to mention they are cut off from the rest of the world and they have their own internet different and separated from the rest of the internet.

Visiting China was like an experience like none other. It was a world of it’s own.

My university had an exchange program with a university in China. When I decided to study abroad, I decided that this would be the right place for me to experience something that I had never experienced before.

After a year, a couple of exams and some amount of anxious waiting I was ready to visit China as a exchange student.

I am from Poland and I couldn’t find any direct flights  to China from where I lived so I had to take a connecting flight. The layovers took some time but I was completely okay with it. I was excited and petty issues like this wasn’t going to hamper my excitement.

After arrival it took me sometime to settle in. It was really difficult because English was really really rare and almost everyone spoke Chinese. It was quite difficult to communicate but luckily I had some Chinese friends who were always so kind to me to often help me out.

The other great difficulty was eating. Chopsticks were extensively used here. I wasn’t used to eating with a chopstick to had to carry my own spoon and fork everywhere I went.

I am still studying at this place, so the journey back will be very sad, as I am slowly starting to fall in love with this place the people and the culture.

Here are some first time travel tips for


You don’t really about language much unless you are planning to stay for a longer period of time. So if you speak English slowly and clearly, a good amount of people will understand you in the urban areas.
However if you are staying for longer period of time, it is preferable that you learn some amount of conversational Chinese.


China is vast and contains spectacular natural landscapes and cultural landscapes, including the world’s highest mountains, some of the world’s largest deserts, massive grasslands, graceful karst landform along the Li River, numerous historical sites, and distinctive ethnic villages.

China’s capital city of Beijing has numerous world-class sites. There, you can climb one of the eight wonders of the world, the Great Wall, visit a grand imperial palace, the Forbidden City, enjoy a massive place of heaven worship, the Temple of Heaven, and see the Summer Palace, one of the most famous of China’s four gardens.

Then you have Shanghai  China’s largest and modernist cit, Shanghai has historical sites (Jing’an Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, and Yuyuan Garden), modern architectures (Jinamo Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Shanghai World Finicial Center), and elegant water towns (Zhujiajiao Water Town).


Cut the price down to 2/3rd and sometime you can even go lower. Remember to only bargain if you are interested in buying because the vendors will keep after you if you show interest.

If vendors do not accept your price, pretend to leave and refuse to buy their goods. They might call you back and sell to you at your price.


From Roasted pigs brains and walnuts to Roasted Duck. Chinese food cross a wide spectrum of food.
Remember to try Beijing’s egg cakes, which are only found in morning for breakfast and priced at only 5 yuan for each.

Make the best of your journey to the Land of the Dragon

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