Las Vegas, it was my dream destination. It was one of my most favorite places in the United States of America. I had been looking forward to visiting Las Vegas all my life.

I lived in Nashville but I was from Michigan. I grew up among the grasslands,cornfields and flatland of the USA. My entire world was located in this simple piece of land, living a very simple life.

My journey from my town to Las Vegas took three days.  This was a road trip that took me across several states in order to reach Las Vegas. The changed my world, my perception of the world as the world around me changed for the first time.

It is said that it is not the destination that matters but the journey. To me they were both equally thrilling.  The environment, the infrastructure, the buildings and everything changed in a very progressive manner as I moved along HWY-70, from Nashville to Las Vegas.

My eyes were wide and staring out the windshield with delight. This was when I was passing across Colorado. When I moved further into Utah, I felt I was on another planet like Jupiter or Mars. The coloured rocks and the sky were limitless and went on forever.

As soon as I entered Vegas, my eyes lit up. Las Vegas was what I had imagined it and even more. It was larger than life. As a small town girls Las Vegas was everything I had dreamed about. I finally understood the words in which Frank Sinatra used to describe his love for Las Vegas.

I was completely mesmerized by Las Vegas. I decided to stay there and become a show girl model. My love for the desert has reached new heights now. I wish to travel to Egypt soon to experience the desert abroad.

There was very little change in the behaviour of people but I did observe the way travelers behaved across my journey and the way people behaved with travelers. This helped me in understanding the social dynamics of travel and how it was important for knowing a few certain skills while travelling.

This lessons helped me in planning my next trip to Scotland, England, Spain and Mexico. The desert truly makes me stand in awe at the beauty of the Earth.

Here are some tips for the people visiting Vegas for the first time.

  • Things are further than they appear. The distance from the Bellagio to MGM Grand is vast even though it doesn’t look as such. The Strip is nearly four miles long. Moving from one building to another is easy but always double check before you decide to go from one place to another even though it looks visible..


  • Wait for your drinks. If you are gambling or engaging yourself in some activity in the casino or bar, don’t buy drinks beforehand. Just wait for the cocktail waitress to approach you as they often provide free drinks or discounts one in order to keep people drinking , gambling and spending money.


  • Plan your movement. Once you enter a hotel or Casino.  Find out where the restroom is and make yourself comfortable.  Once you’ve had a rest, it’s time to tackle the Strip—sometimes seeing the sights is overwhelming in itself. To get some insider’s knowledge on the buildings, the history of Las Vegas and more, hop on a Big Bus and enjoy a narrated tour of the city—there are 20+ stops between the Strip and downtown.


  • Carry a Jacket along with your sunscreen. Yes, Vegas is in the middle of the desert. Thus, the hotels blast the Air Conditioning inside. So if you don’t want to catch a cold, remember to get a jacket.

  • Players Clubs can be of great advantage especially if you are gambler and you are going to return to Vegas to gamble. If you aren’t one there are even better ways to make money out of it as you can get freebies and discounts on shows, restaurants and tourist attractions. It is quite useful for all
    My return journey was filled with mixed feelings as I loved the experience of the West and the desert but I had all my friends and family back at home in Tennessee and the Midwest. Now I truly know what it is like to have your heart in so many places as I continue to fall in love with cities, states, countries and people.

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