• It was my first trip to Ireland and I wasn’t alone, I had my friend to give me company. This wasn’t a joy trip but more on an internship but that didn’t mean that an internship couldn’t bring me joy.

    The internship or practice as one would call it was free of cost. I worked as a waitress and receptionist in the city of Lismore. The hotel we worked at was called Lismore House Hotel. Lismore was a popular tourist destination because it was the home of the famous Lismore Castle.

    There were a lot of tourists who visited this place and we were working there during the peak season so it was quite a challenge. My English skills weren’t that great either so it was quite a challenge for me to attend to the tourists and give them what they wanted. The challenge turned out to be an amazing opportunity for me to learn

    Apart from tourists, the other people that I interacted with were the locals. The Irish people were really nice and sweet.  The people of Ireland were very culturally rich.  Their approach to the daily life in Ireland and their style of living was very different from the way we approached things back in Poland.  They didn’t worry much and smiled a lot, this caught my eye.

    Once I was done with my work and my internship, it was time for me to take a break and explore the wonderful country of Ireland.  We visited a lot of place in Ireland. The capital Dublin was my most favorite place besides this I also liked the Youghal, a lesser known village by the sea.  The peace and serenity calmed my nerves and made me feel at home even in a foreign country.

    Here are some few travel tips for people visiting Ireland which I have gathered and which might be useful for other travelers.

  • Ireland is divided into two, republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland uses Euros while Northern Ireland uses Pound Sterling. There is not much of a difference if you use your ATM cards but grocery shopping is 15% cheaper in Northern Ireland.
  • Applying for a Fexco Horizon card before you arrive means you can then register and swipe it in any affiliated location in the country (including Avoca Handweavers, the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo and many more), before claiming back sales tax on those purchases at the airport on your way home. The service has even launched a tax-free shopping app, through which you can order and register your card.

  • While most of the major Irish sights can be taken in using public transport or tour buses, renting a car is worth considering, to get to those spectacular places off the beaten track. If you are going to rent one, remember that people in Ireland drive on the left hand side of the road and pass on the right.
  • Ryan Air, which is Ireland’s budget airline is know to be really cheap and useful in travelling across Europe has a baggage restriction. There are strict cabin baggage restrictions and the limitation of weight is ten kilos. Also they are restricted to specific dimensions. Apart from this one hand bag is allowed.
  • Tipping is a pretty common part of dining culture in Ireland. The usual tip is between 10 % to 12 % but sometimes for large groupings the restaurant places a service charge. Even hair dressers and make up artists are given a tip of 10 %
  • The people in the country of Ireland are pretty friendly, outgoing and love to talk. So take out time and strike a conversation.
  • Dress accordingly. The weather in Ireland can be cold and chilly, rains might then strike you from nowhere. So remember to wears layers of clothing and also carry rain proof outfits.
  • Public transport such as trains in Ireland are excellent and they provide amazing services like free wifi and electric toilets but remember to book your tickets online. The train tickets are expensive and advance booking online helps in reducing the prices .
  • Lastly, if you are travelling by bus remember to wave your hand or gesture in a way to let the driver know that your destination has arrived else he may not stop. This might happen even if it is a designated route. Also, remember to thank the driver when getting down the bus.

    I hope these travel tips help you when you travel across Ireland. My return journey was filled with a warm feeling of love and hospitality that I experienced there.

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