Romania, the first image that would come to my head would be that of the Count Dracula of Translyvania. It was a pretty funny image. Instead of depicting fear and discomfort it made me smirk whenever I though of a man who would suck blood from his victims.

That isn’t the real story of Count Dracula whose real name was Vlad III Dracula and neither was Romania like the medieval picture of Transylvania that I had built up in my head.

Romania was a country that suprised me from the time I set my foot outside the airport.
The scents, the weather and the people. They were so new to me.

I wasn’t travelling alone. I had an entire team with me. We were going to work on a project. This gave me a sense of purpose behind the travel.  There a goal was to be accomplished by the end of the journey which had more to do than just sightseeing.

We were a team of people from six European countries, in Darmanesti. Let me tell you a little about Darmanesti.a town in the eastern Romania, in Bacău County, in the valleys of the Trotuș and Uz rivers. The town is named after one of its leaders, “Dărman” and the earliest reference to the town is from the 16th century.

The day and nights were filled with activities that kept me busy and productive. During the day I was kept busy with discussions, the discussions were mostly based on the right of the European citizens and how important they were. The nights were  cultural night. This is what I loved the most during the trip,  During the intercultural nights, we represented our country to the other participants and educated ourselves.

Sometimes I was mesmerized, sometimes confused but I was always happy throughout my time there.After this there would be a party where we would dance till our feet hurt.

Apart from this we did visit the local sites, we did a short trip to the amazing Red Lake.It is the largest barrier lake, in the Eastern Carpathians chain in Harghita County, Romania. The name of “Lacul Roșu” comes from the reddish alluvia deposited in the lake by the Red Creek. The lake falls within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Gheorgheni.It was formed in 1837, after a landslide blocked the Bicaz Valley. It is about 93 m deep and covers about 12.01 hectares.

This was followed by a trip to an amazing city called Peatra Neamt.It  is the capital city of Neamț County, in the historical region of Moldavia, eastern Romania. Because of its privileged location in the Eastern Carpathian mountains, it is considered one of the most picturesque cities in Romania. The Nord-Est Regional Development Agency is located in Piatra Neamț

I could never get enough of this country but there wasn’t much time to do more.  My biggest surprise was that in the smaller cities , they still had horse carriages that carried the hay which would be used as fodder.

There were so many beautiful distractions but we still had to focus on our project which was divided amongst the age group of thirteen to thirty, each group had a different project to work on. The project was sponsored by the European Union. It as really cheap and affordable. We stayed here for twelve days and spent two hundred and twenty dollars.

The cost was very affordable. Romania was much poorer compared to my home country and the people were very different from the people I came across back home. Not everything was so great during my trip. The two things I couldn’t handle were the food and the men.

The food was mostly potatoes and meat. The men I came across were really rude. The cat calling was pretty bad and at times it was just, “I want to fuck you”, besides this there was always a lot of uncomfortable staring. Yet, I overcame all this and looked on the positive aspect of the journey.

The sights, the culture, the get together, everything felt that the effort I put into visiting this place was totally worth it. Romania still has a lot to offer to those who wish to see it. The capital city, the lakes, the mountains, the cities that are still unexplored, not to forget the castle of Vlad ( the infamous Dracula).

A hidden gem of Eastern Europe, Romania


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