Turkey, the country where East meets West. The Minars and the women are the most astoundingly beautiful in this place. Not to forget their filling Turkish breakfast served alongside Turkish coffee.
Rebecca loved every bit of it. She was overwhelmed by everything around her. The most overwhelming of them all was how elegantly Turkish Women carried themselves. Their make up was spot on yet they didn’t seem to be putting much effort on it.
This is what she wanted to take back from Turkey, the simple make up tricks of the Turkish Women.

Rose Water

Sounds exotic, doesn’t it?  Well, this is an ingredient that has commonly been used in Turkish Desserts. Pure hundred percent rose water is used a s a facial tonic which cleans . The smell is pretty strong so it not for those who are sensitive to smells but those who have sensitive skin, this is the best gentle cleanse available.


After Rose water this is the common ingredient of Turkish Make up ritual, the water is extracted the same way from Lavender petals instead of Rose petals.  Lavender is not just restricted to water but is also used in the for of soaps. Lavender water is most used for skin revival. It is gently applied on the neck,face and also used in healing of cuts and burns.
This is also used to calm down babies in their cribs. Lavender water is gently sprinkled onto the babies cribs and it helps in relaxing them and letting them sleep peacefully.

Turkish Baths

The most cleansing experience she had heard of by the courtesy of the media. The place where it takes place is a traditional marble Hamam. Steam and heat is passed through the chambers where the skin because soft and professional attendants scrub the skin in order to help it get rid of the dirt and dead skin cells. The entire body is covered with soap suds then washed and massaged. A lotion is also applied post the massage.
Sharon stepped out of the Hamam with soft and clear skin.

Special Soaps

The soaps mentioned earlier are often made of very special ingredients. Virgin Olive oil and Coconut oils are often used to make these soaps and they carry a very distinct smell. Sharon was addicted to this aroma they very first time she used these soaps.
Sharon had pretty dry skin, the solution? Soaps made of Goat’s milk. It was really creamy and helped in making her skin rich in essential oils to prevent dryness.

These four traditional make up cleanse made Sharon’s journey across  Turkey complete. She couldn’t have possibly imagined leaving Turkey without buying them for usage back home.
Sadly a Hamam couldn’t be packaged.

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