Africa, the continent with 1.2 billion people (still less than the population of India) has quite a few countries which you can safely visit to experience Africa.
Africa has suffered decades of turmoil,not to forget Trans-Atlantic Slavery and brutal European colonization.

Yet, Africa bounces back in the most unexpected ways
. How many of you knew that we all originated in Africa? I don’t see many hands rising. Well,that is precisely my point.
Africa doesn’t have the best representation  in the media.
Unfortunately the media’s perception of Africa isn’t the best either.
All we know about Africa from the media is unfortunately just war,poverty and Ebola.

Africa is way more than that.
Africa is more than what meet the eye from the screen of your laptop, mobile or television.

The media to me is the tip of the Iceberg, the Africa I want to know is way more than what we perceive of it. Here is the list of my favorite countries to visit in Africa.


This North-African country has everything I look for. It has sun,sands,history and more importantly culture. The other North African countries might be in turmoil but this country is doing really well. It is a tourist hotspot  for people of Europe who want to experience the Moorish culture.
The city of Marakesh is one the largest cities of Morocco. It is also a bed of African- Arab tourism. It  gives us the perfect blend of the Europe (French) and Africa.
The local cuisines and restaurants also provide  lip smacking dishes.

All this seems to be usual. Nothing out of blue for an enthusiastic traveler but wait there is something more to Marakesh. More than the French street and Architecture and it is Marijuana.

Now before you get all excited , let me remind you, marijuana is illegal in Morocco and can lead upto ten years in prison. In Marrakesh,however, the cops don’t bother you much because it drives the local tourism. Keep in mind not to smoke in publicly active places and beaches where it might gather way too much attention.

While you are there, do not forget to visit Casablanca.
It is the largest city in Morocco located in the central western part of the country.
I saw the city’s French colonial legacy in its downtown Mauresque architecture, a blend of Moorish style and European art deco. Standing partly over the water, the enormous Hassan II Mosque, completed in 1993, has a 210m minaret topped with lasers directed toward Mecca.

There is something missing here. I know you have noticed it as well. I haven’t mentioned Tangier anywhere here. Well yes, that is because I was saving the best for the last.
No trip to Morocco is complete without Tangier. Tangier is the tourist hub of Morocco located in the North Western part.
My obsession with this town started after watching Anthony Bourdian’s documentary on Tangier.
Since then I couldn’t get enough of this city.
Tangier, in brief, is a  port on the Strait of Gibraltar, has been a strategic gateway between Africa and Europe since Phoenician times. Its whitewashed hillside medina is home to the Dar el Makhzen, a palace of the sultans that’s now a museum of Moroccan artifacts. The American Legation Museum, also in the medina, documents early diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Morocco in an 1821 Moorish-style former consulate.

  source: Best World Yet

This was just a brief description of Morocco. I will do a detailed story on this soon.
Let us now move onto the next best destination in Africa.


Yes, Ethiopia. This might surprise you because the last thing you heard about this African country was it’s starving population but today it is one of the most food secure nations in Africa.
I was surprised to read this myself. Surprised but happy at the same time. This food security has  helped this country into becoming on the leading tourist destination of Africa.


Ethiopia has a lot to offer on a wide variety of experiences. We can start off with the first one which is the Guided Day Trip.
This trip is the best way to experience nature and wildlife.
Besides this we can also make a trip to Wenche Crater Lake and witness it’s majestic beauty!

Amazing isn’t it?!

Well, that is not it.

I have something more to show you. Ethiopia still has a lot more to offer when it comes to African tourism.

Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

I have run out of words to describe this beautiful rock cut church. It has to be the most mesmerizing of all that Ethiopia has to offer.
“In the heart of Ethiopia is situated one of its holiest towns, known as Lalibela, where a group of eleven monolithic rockhewn churches stand.” These were the words of an African student who used to study in my city. We played football together on Wednesdays and Saturdays. little did I know that his country was this magnificent.

There are many more countries but I will conclude this article with one of my personal favorite which is


Yes, the same Madagascar which Hollywood made billions out of. The African country which unimaginable richness in nature and diversity that I just can’t get enough of.

Madagascar’s extraordinary natural diversity has earned the country the nickname “the eighth continent”
It truly is the eight continent of the world. It has some really great sites that one needs to visit to complete his journey around Africa and the world.

Let me describe Ranomafana National Park to you.

Yes, it is as beautiful as you can see in the picture perhaps even more. The sights and smells enhance your senses into another world of pleasure and joy. The animals, the wildlife and the plants ,take you into a world of your own.
The park is home to the endangered golden bamboo lemur, an animal whose diet includes bamboo shoots that contain doses of cyanide that would be lethal to other animals, yet the charming golden lemur feeds on the bamboo with no ill effects.

This is just one of the many sights and parks you will find in Madagascar.


Yes, Africa has had a troubled past and it’s present in some countries is not that bright either.
The continent is vast and has a lot to offer to the explorer from its mixed nature,topography and aesthetics to it’s wildlife.
The architecture of Morocco, the safari of Ethiopia and the forests of Madagascar.
They all put together a small glimpse of the once known “Dark Continent”.
You need to be there to understand it, experience it and enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this brief story.
If you did tell me in the comments your journey across Africa.
If you are planning on visiting Africa, talk about it too.
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