California, the one place in the United States that one can call progressive without any hesitation. Progress has always played a strong resistance to any form of degenerative mentality that haunted the people.
California, a state who official language might as well be Spanish, has always played a strong role in this resistance, be it their film industry,Snoop dogg who raps about hatred for Cops or the rising band Phobia.

Their latest music album has a great understanding of the political climate than most of the Fox network like news channels. This could also be seen as target marketing in which they are targeting audience who don’t think Climate Change is a hoax created by the Chinese to shut down American Industries or think they are more likely to be killed by a Caliphate in the middle-east than by their failing healthcare system with overpriced drugs.

The music has been described by Vice,”It’s brutal, it’s fast, and it’s pissed off—exactly what you want from a new Phobia album”.
Featuring Danny Walker on drums, and Leon Del Muerte on guitar alongside original axeman Bruce Reeves, the band is now selling food for thought in the most Punk-as-fuck aggressive fashion. Catering to those who are angry, annoyed and dissatisfied with the current scenario across the country and relatively across the world.

“The provocatively titled “Human Default = Suck At Life” and “Fuck Powerviolence” make no secrets of their roots and allegiances within the grind/crust scene”, quoted from Noisey, gives you a brief hint about the message that they are trying to convey

After Pink Floyd bashed Trump at their concert in Colorado, there seems to be a new awareness trend, an awareness about the priorities, that are being mishandled by the corporate greed of the pigs and how little fatty pig politicians are playing with the masses lives by spreading fear and in security.

Do turn up their music when you listen, so Pigs far and wide can fear the sound of awakening.

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