On the BBC’s Question Time leaders special the Prime Minister, Theresa May was asked by a long-serving nurse: “Working as a nurse for 26 years, do the Tories expect our support in the light of another 1 per cent pay increase?”

A question that was to the point and struck a cord with most people who were present or who had later received the message over other mediums. The Pigs were listening too. The Pigs, who had now moved their interest to the British election were worried about losing. Losing control over the big markets. Their little pigs who were players in these markets wouldn’t get the benefits if the little political piggies didn’t win the election. The Political Pigs had promised not to increase taxes for the rich market pigs. They told the people,”if the market pigs had money, they would invest it in the country and provide job,welfare and education to all.”

This time it was was different. This time, the people were not going to be fooled by the lies of the political pigs. They had seen the result of these false promises from the market and political pigs themselves. They were more aware of the circumstances and conditions now. One of them, who was in the field of medicine, decided to stand up to the soldier pigs and questioned her,”Working as a nurse for 26 years, do the Tories expect our support in the light of another 1 per cent pay increase?”.

The British Farm was reeling with austerity. The cost of living was galloping while this nurse’s pay was in such a slow pace that a snail would outrun her increment by a mile. She had enough of this. She wanted to know if the soldier pig was blind to her struggle or just did not care for it anymore. All this nurse had was one vote. She wasn’t alone. She who was vulnerable to these pigs, was joined by millions of others who were vulnerable too. The Political Pig replied

“We’re putting in more money at the moment and we’ll continue to put more money in into the future. It’s important that we recognize as you will know as a nurse, the demands on the NHS are increasing all the time. We recognize the work that NHS staff do.”, said Theresa May

“Nurses get an increase, obviously with some other payments as well.”,Theresa May added

The nurse responded and said: “My wage slips from 2009 reflect exactly what I’m earning today, so how can that be in light of the job that we actually do?”

(Read all about it here.)

The Political Pig was now confused,she didn’t know what to say,her lies and those of her masters were slowing coming out in the open. Her judgement started clouding and she ultimately said,
“I’m being honest with you in terms of saying that we will put more money into the NHS, but there isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want.”

There was no magic tree for those who worked day and night to make the health of the fellow citizens better, but the Political Pig was hard and adamant not to increase income tax rate for the rich market pigs hoarding the wealth.

Will the people rise against these market and political pigs? Only time will tell.

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