It was early in the morning. I was wide awake after the morning alarm played an annoying tune, which I had purposely put, to help me get up and turn it off,thus providing some activity as soon as I opened my eyes. This activity was in vain. I returned to lying down on my back, looking at the ceiling which was faintly visible because of the light emitted by the screensaver of my phone. After putting in all that effort I was still not ready to get out of my bed. Motivation was the word that I would come across everyday of my life. It was showered on me by my parents, teacher and also by most of the TEDx speakers on YouTube. It was used so often used that it had lost all meaning.

I consoled myself saying,”Everyone struggles with motivation at some point in his or her life. It is one of those days when I think some more time in bed will not make much of a difference”. The motivation that had driven me to set the alarm clock last night died as soon as I closed my eyes to get some more sleep. I didn’t. Yet,I just lied there.

I had my basic needs of food,water,shelter and air fulfilled. This basic motivation was already missing. My major goals were unfulfilled as I lacked motivation to get them. I was quite an expert at it and I can teach you how I did it in five simple steps.


I never bothered using my pen on paper to write down what I had in mind. I never thought of building a step by step process to achieve it or put in any effort that was necessary to achieve any goals I had in mind. My goals were just day dreams.


If you don’t want to be motivated, I suggest you cover yourself up with all the useless tasks and pointless activities that will eat up your time. These time eaters kept me distracted from what I really wanted to achieve. I did it by hanging out with people I didn’t like very much or who didn’t add any value to me or my work. I took up hobbies or interests to please people. I also started distracting myself with the tonnes of content on the internet, you could try that out if the other things don’t distract you enough.


I always took a pile of things at once, this was mostly because I delayed all my work until the last minute. This overwhelmed when I reached close to the deadline that I had set for myself .I then gave up when the task seemed too big. There was no motivation left in me to take on the big task.


I couldn’t stay motivated because I never saw the big picture. Whenever I was unable to concentrate I didn’t look at the big picture. The big picture was supposed to be my goal. So if you want to stay demotivated , repeat after me. There is no big picture, if it exist,don’t look at it.


I was never consistent. I would only work whenever there was a little motivation and the work would end with the end of the motivation So, if you don’t want to stay motivated, remember never to be regular in your work and do it halfheartedly whenever you feel like it, don’t do it when you don’t feel like it.

If you want to follow my footsteps, then take up this simple five step methodology.
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