Jenny, an addict, woke up on her own at ten a.m. There was no clock on her table , no watch just an empty glass. She rubbed her eyes, no sooner did she finished her fourth rub that she turned around and looked at the table again. It wasn’t there. She didn’t have much memory of last night and couldn’t recall where she had placed it. She jumped out of her bed and threw the bed sheet and her pillow down, only the hear the cracking of glass along with the sound of an object falling onto the ground. She looked down and found her phone with a small diagonal crack in the screen. She was somehow more worried about the withdrawal symptoms after having to lose her phone that the crack on the phone itself.
She then went to her kitchen with a bad mood. She was slowly starting to realize that the Instagram pics would now be improperly visible until she pays a few hundred dollars to get it fixed.
She then looked into the shelf where she stored her daily dose of caffeine in the form of coffee beans. The morning wasn’t kind to her,there was no coffee left either. She took the empty jars and threw them on the ground. This was the starting of her withdrawal symptoms.
Jenny was not always like this, it took her time to get here. She broke down the process into a few simple steps


Jenny,an addict, always said, “,those who can’t help themselves, write self help books”. She took all the self help books that she had collected as gifts over the years and threw them in the recycle bin. Thus not having any source of information to fight her addiction pushed her further into addiction.


Jenny,an addict, was constantly pestered by her friend about how addicted she was to her cellphone and her coffee. Jenny,an addict, was told that she would get irradiated, if she stayed away from either of it for too long. To cut all this criticism and negativity out.Jenny started pushing her friend away and got into deeper addiction, which kept her away from the reality of her life.


Jenny,an addict, was so engrossed in her addiction that she didn’t find time for any of her distractions. She gave up on her rock climbing Saturdays,cycling Sundays. She didn’t have anything else to divert her attention or energy too thus she kept increasing her dependency on her addictions


Jenny,an addict, was advised by one of her friends who she cut off , to keep a journal and list down the time spent on her addiction and the things she was missing out on because of her addiction. Jenny ignored the friend’s advise and soon started ignoring her friend as well.


Jenny,an addict, often walked into triggers, such as stressful situations and unnecessary conflicts at work and at home. These trigger points made her seek solace in her addiction.

I forgot to mention, Jenny was also addicted to pain killers besides coffee and cocaine.The points mentioned about applied to her pan killer addiction as well,

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