Jealousy- The green eyed devil resides in everyone’s eye lashes. Sometimes it is the something that the other person receives and sometimes it is something we didn’t get but thought we deserved it or were entitled to receive it. What drives this feeling, well of course it is the most common thing you would have probably come across in this website, fear of loss. This fear of loss leads to another fairly common word, that is insecurity. This insecurity is the feeling that you are not good enough for something and the fear of losing something makes you jealous of what the other person has with him or her. This jealous is often a driving force behind a lot of successful destructive behaviors. 
Here are five quick steps to build this Jealousy-


The first step in acknowledging the problem of jealously is that you have to understand that you have a problem of jealousy. This will help you tackle the root cause of the situation, thus to maintain and grow your jealousy ,avoid trying to make any attempt to understand the reason behind your jealousy. Keep saying to yourself,”I am not enough of my own”.


Always compare your achievements with those around you who are in a different field altogether. They may be making good progress in whatever fields they are in, so look at that and make yourself feel unaccomplished keeping the fact aside that your speed of progress and that of the person you are comparing with is totally irrelevant,also if the other person might start performing poorly then forget the fact that it is not going to help you progress.


Imagination is a very powerful tool that you can use to create images in your mind and change your mood. To keep your jealousy intact remember not to picture any success that you might have achieved in your near past or any good memories. Just go ahead and imagine all the negative times that you had when you weren’t as good as someone else.


Jealously is most commonly found between two romantic partners. It is usually the way the partner interacted with someone or behaved in a certain way that causes jealousy. If you want to maintain jealousy then you must avoid one word,communication. Don’t tell your partner what made you jealous and how you both can together manage to overcome jealousy.


If you don’t love yourself,if you don’t like who you are, if you are not happy with yourself then you are bound to be jealous of others and the lives that they lead.

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