Being Ungrateful; ” Thank you”, is one of the three magic words that we were taught in our childhood. School syllabus is terribly old school. A lot hasn’t changed since the first inceptionĀ of these magic words. Not everything is evergreen and neither is the word,”Thank you”. Being ungrateful is a simple way to build value and to demonstrate the fact that you are entitled to everything good that happens to you. You deserve the very best in the word without any effort. This is your privilege and you don’t need to be grateful for it. To help you remain ungrateful here are a few fun ways.

Don’t Make It A Habit

Don’t say thank you in general situations. Either when you get something good or when you face something bad. Don’t be thankful for learning a lesson or learning what kind of people to avoid. Habit develops into a personality , to have an ungrateful personality, develop a habit of being ungrateful.

Don’t Become Aware Of Positive Aspects

The best way to be ungrateful is to avoid any positive aspect in your day to day activates. Ignore any good thing that has happened to you. Avoid the good people in your life or who you might run across during the day. This will help you in being grumpy throughout the day and not being thankful, which in turn will lead to a ungrateful personality.

Don’t Maintain A Gratitude Journal

A journal is a good way to keep yourself updated with the current happenings. People usually write the happenings of the day in a journal. This journal helps them recall and review all the incidents. Thus, to be ungrateful you need to avoid such a diary for the good things that happened to you throughout the day. If you want to give a push to your ungrateful nature, maintain this diary for all the bad things that had happened to you throughout the day.

Now that you have learnt these few ways to be ungrateful, casually invite them in your already practised habits and within no time you will be a sad and ungrateful person. Now if you are interested in avoiding this, go ahead and make the smart choice.

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