A wise man, Peter Drucker once said, “The most important thing about a conversation is hearing what is unsaid”.

Most of your adult life is spent in the grind. Punch in your hours on a Monday morning with a cup of coffee in your hand. Greet the people around you, walk to your desk or cabin, finish your work and leave at the stipulated time. You will be doing this probably for the next thirty to forty years of your adult life. If you are going to be running the rat race ,you might as will have to maintain a professional relationship with the other rats running alongside of you.

Your life might be tied up with a lot of strains from your wife’s/husband’s nagging to your mortgage, your EMIs. At times all this might lead to conflicts at work and lead to unprofessional behaviour. Here are some more fun way you can make your behaviour more unprofessional

Don’t Trust Your People

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Trust is the basic thing you need to have between yourself and your colleagues. Trust is exercised on an everyday basis by everyone. Do you want to build an unprofessional relationship? Start with not trusting your taxi driver to take you to your destination. Move on to not trusting the traffic cop to give the right direction to the vehicles. Do not trust the restaurant chef , he might not have washed his hands after using the toilet. Don’t trust your kids who you dropped off at school for they might have secretly skipped classes without your permission. Don’t trust your boss to give you the right task to do within the right amount of time. Don’t trust your colleague to accompany you in fishing the task. You will have successfully laid the first step for an unprofessional relationship.

Don’t Check In On Them

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This is the second step in maintaining unprofessional relationships. You need to forget that the people you work with are people. They have lives that the live outside the office. To achieve this goal you need to stop checking in on them. Don’t set any reminders to see how they might be doing or what is going on in their lives or if the need a little chat.

Don’t Provide Professional Leads

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If a colleague’s work needs to be completed with the help a professional and you know that professional, just simply ignore the situation and don’t provide any professional leads.

Don’t Meet In Person

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We have evolved as human beings to shun human contact as much as possible, This can be seen for our social media apps to swiping left or right dating apps, To maintain unhealthy relationships, avoid any sort of direct or physical contact. Don’t invite for dinner or coffee or set any meetings outside of work. Anything that can make them feel valued as a person should be strictly avoided.

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