The art of public speaking is a very powerful one. This art of  public speaking has caused revolutions, election victories  and disasters. The oldest recorded public speaking can probably be found in religious texts when prophets, messengers, gods and demi-gods starts cults and religions just by using public speaking and orator skills. Even Shakesphere’s classic Julius Caesar contains Marc Anthony’s speech that rallied the citizens of Rome against the assassins.

This art has very little to do with one being an introvert or an extrovert. The two terms have often been used by click-bait articles to lead you on the their website and show you their ads. You are a naïve young lamb who likes to kill time on the internet by thinking these articles will tell your about your personality. Now that you know this, avoid it.

Public Speaking is simply addressing a crowd and getting your message across. No more, no less. Just like any other art or skill, you can good at or get bad at it. Here are some tips for you to get bad at it unconsciously-

Speak About Something You Don’t Believe In

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Instead of a public speaker, become an advertiser and try to sell the idea ad a product or a service that you yourself are unsure about. This way your interest as well as your knowledge in it will be very limited. Your enthusiasm will be down when you hit a simple road block and you will give up soon.

Don’t Find Your Own Style

After watching those powerful and impressive public speaking videos of TEDx and others on YouTube, instead of studying them, just try and copy their style. Hey, if it worked for them, it should work for you too as well, right?

Don’t Practise

If you think like a professional, you will become a professional. Do professionals plan their public speeches in which they are meant to address hundreds if not thousands of listeners? Let your over confidence answer that for you.

Don’t Pay Attention To Body Language

Most of the communication is done non verbally but, if you think of yourself to be an amazing speaker, you can easily overlook the factor that your body language has any effect on the listener. Also, just ignore any lethargy , yawning and other such sign from the audience and continue speaking.

Don’t Watch Or Listen To The Recordings Of Your Speech

You are a  confident man or woman, you know you are good at public speaking and you don’t need to review your performance. “Reviewing”, is a word is for people who are filled with self doubt. A word that is missing from your dictionary of over-confidence. Go ahead and plan your next one without any self or performance introspection.

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