Laziness, it is a very simple state of mind in which you are doing nothing. This nothing does not always imply that you are sitting on a table or casually lying down. Laziness today has surpassed the old definition. Today laziness is Netflix and Chill, Swiping Right to find a date, all these are a result of Laziness. We mask our productivity with things to keep us busy.

This placebo makes us think that we have done something but we haven’t,not just that, because it doesn’t come under that standard definition of laziness which only thinking of laziness as doing nothing and being very still physically and mentally.

Don’t Bother Checking What Is Holding You Back

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Being Lazy can be caused by lack of interest or motivation. Sometimes a complete burnout or a feeling of tiredness can cause a long period of laziness. Your boss who has bullied you into overworking could be partly responsible for your laziness and will also shame you at your appraisal meeting for being lazy. If you want that to happen ,don’t bother checking what might be holding you back.

Don’t Break Down

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Large tasks when done repeatedly day after day can cause the lack of enthusiasm and cause laziness. This laziness is because you look at the enormous stake that needs to be finished at oneĀ  go because it might into a rubber shoe. The only way to eat that stake is to eat it bite after bite,ignoring the size of the stake. If you want to continue to be lazy then keep looking at the large task you need to finish instead of breaking it down into smaller tasks and give up before you can even start.

Don’t Set Goals

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The best way to watch that rerun of One Tree Hill is by letting yourself fail from setting any realistic goals. This small goal acts like a target or a guide for you to move ahead in a particular direction. You may not be able to achieve that goal but you can definitively get ahead in what you hope to do.

Don’t Be Self Motivated

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You will be the only person who will suffer from being lazy. You will be the only person who will be answerable to the ones who will hold you accountable for your laziness. If this doesn’t give you the kick in your pants to stop being lazy and get some work done, probably nothing can.

Don’t Take Your Time and Don’t Take Action

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Change doesn’t happen immediately. If a YouTube video can motivate you on a Sunday night ,you can easily be demotivated by a joke or a gag about life on a Monday morning. This will bring you back where you had started,the point of being lazy. Laziness cannot be beat with a sudden change overnight. It can only be done with taking time and sorting issues slowly and steadily.

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