Mood, the most common word we use in our day to day life to describe a feeling we are experiencing in that very moment. It is often associated alongside different words such as good,bad,sad,happy etc. One of the most frequent one that we find ourselves in, is the bad mood. Getting into bad moods can hamper your interactions with people around you and can also reduce your productivity. This is bad mood is a road block and here are some fun ways for you to achieve this bad mood.

Don’t Do Something You Love

Are you doing something you dislike for most of the part of the day when you are awake(read job), continue sulking and complaining after you are done with your daily tedious work. Don’t do anything you love. Your hobbies are your safe spaces and they help in killing the bad mood.

Don’t Hit The Breaks

This will prevent you from taking a time out and letting yourself relax with your friends or may be even alone. Catching up with yourself or people you are fond of ,can kill your bad mood. This is a crucial step to avoid to keep the bad mood up and running so avoid brakes like you are running a race and hitting the brakes will only slow you down.

Don’t Talk To People You Love

There is a reason you like those people more than the other. It is because they make you feel good about yourself and can take you out from your bad mood in no time. Now any wise ass who wants to stay in a bad mood can simply choose to avoid them like the Plague. This will plague will give you more content for your bad mood. Voila! You have successfully upgraded yourself to Bad Mood 2.0.

Don’t Keep Calm

Calming yourself down might make you realize that your bad mood was probably a result of your overthinking.Talking a walk, dong something pleasant can be a great bad mood killer. If you want to stay in a bad mood this must be avoided.

Be Pessimistic

Time is never constant. It changes. If you are a pessimist, this will go over your head and you will pay no heed to it. You will live in the moment of misery and keep yourself in the bad mood.

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