There are times when you stumble upon a road block in your personal life, career or social life. At those times you can make the situation more difficult by uninventing yourself. Uninventing yourself is simple,you are going to step back and instead of moving ahead you will either be stuck in one place doing the same thing over and over again or you will start moving backwards. This is a simple five step process which will help you regress.

1.Gather More Junk

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The past is where everything is at. All your trouble and problems. All bad decisions you made and were made by someone else for you,this place is the storage of all the negativity. Collect as much as you can. Include everything that is beyond your control and whatever you cannot change. Keep them with you forever. This is your first way to avoid reinventing yourself.

2.Don’t Set Any New Goal

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Remember all those past goals which you were unable to achieve cling onto them with all your strength. This is crucial to uninventing yourself because you will be able to focus on past failures and will not be able to grow out of it. Instead of self introspection you will be filled with self doubt. This will prevent you from reinventing yourself in anyway

3.Don’t Explore Yourself

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We learn a lot when we broaden our horizons and try to learn more about others while learning about ourselves. This is a crucial step in reinventing yourself. To uninvent yourself stick to them same few things you have been doing overtime and stick to the same safe routine you have been following.

4. Don’t Share Your Idea

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Your ideas may be unique to you but there might be some people who have the way you want to go and experienced success or failure. To reinvent yourself you need to interact with people, share your ideas and let them grow. To uninvent yourself don’t share your ideas and keep it to yourself thus increasing self doubt and fear of failure which will prevent you from  moving ahead in life.

5. Say No To Saying No

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Saying no to things that don’t help you grow or is going to cause damage to your growth or someone else’s growth is very constructive. Sometimes this ,is more important to you than a yes. This is a perfect way to reinvent yourself by saying no to things that bring you down,thus if you are interested in uninventing yourself, say no to saying no and don’t confront problems and people that are unhealthy for you. Continue doing the same thing over and over again. Being a yes man to things that don’t make sense or to things that cause a hinderance is the best way to uninvent yourself

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