Like, a word that everyone on social media knows and wants for his or her posts,pages, activities and comments. Every business owner and artist on social media craves for it. Most of us are not born with likeable talents. It is developed over the years. Do you know what else is developed over the years? Yes, unlikability. Ever wondered how you  become unlikable? Well here are the few following ways.

Don’t Smile

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Smiling can make you seem easy to please because you are grabbing someone’s attention to be nice. This is probably your worst assumption,at most the other person might think of you as a regular,non-creepy person because it improves your appearance and attitude. You cannot take such a risk as it might go both ways so just don’t smile.

Be Judgemental

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There are good and bad in everything and everyone. Pick out the few bad things in people and over look the good. This is a sure shot way in being unlikable. It even helps if you are being judgmental about a nice and popular person.

Don’t Be Open

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Be the mysterious man or woman and hide things in yourself. Don’t give people a hint of what you true intention might be. Always disguise your intentions. Stay away from a group and don’t try to mingle. All this creates an aura of unpredictability. This making you a bit more unlikable.

Be Under-confident

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Yes,shying away from social interactions because of self doubt and anxiousness is the best way to portray yourself as a reserved and locked up person. This makes you more unlikable that the other three factors.


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No problem is too small to be worried about. Take your time,analyze it and make the problem bigger than it actually is. Take it as personally as you can and attack the person verbally sometime physically too,if needed.

These are the few fun ways to make yourself unlikable.

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