Our mind is a palace of chaos. The people running here and there in anxiousness, trying to get from one place to another, with no particular destinations are called “Thoughts”. They are produced at a maximum quantity at any given moment of the day. Are all these thoughts necessary for us? Absolutely not, but do they occur all the time? Hell Yes!

Here are some quick tips for gathering and maintaining unwanted thoughts.

Don’t Solve Them Immediately-

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Some unwanted thoughts can be simply be eradicated by acting on them immediately or slowly trying to sort it out step by step. This is very crucial in order to get rid of unwanted thought hence this should be avoided at all costs.

Allow The Thoughts To Stay

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Give these thoughts a chance to stay for a long period of time and let it’s root go deep into your mind and effect the other thinking capacity as well. This will produce the best result of having unwanted thoughts in your mind. You will soon find yourself playing with it’s little kid called anxiety.

Be Alone

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Loneliness and self retrospection sometimes can be the best medicine but in this case it is the fertilizer that will improve and multiply the unwanted thoughts into multiple folds. Avoid and ignore people as much as you can. They might drain away your negative thoughts.

Shun Music

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Music has the power to heal any kind of pain. It is the silent enemy of unwanted thoughts so keep it away from you. Stay as distant as you can, even the rhythmic clang of two spoons can be counted as music and may cause you to get rid of unwanted thoughts. Your loneliness plus lack of music is the best way to keep the unwanted thoughts intact.

Don’t Try Anything New

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If you start learning something new you may chose to ignore your unwanted thoughts and get distracted by the new thing that you have laid your focus upon.This might do serious damage to your unwanted thoughts , so avoid taking up anything new in your life at any costs if you want those unwanted thoughts to stay

I hope these few steps have helped you in maintaining your unwanted thoughts in your head and letting them affect you as much as possible.

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