For ages we have been dependent of peoples opinions about us. Even this blog post has a comment section to know what the reader feels about this piece of writing. This is a very common occurrence, worrying about what the people might think of us or our work. In the business world, millions are made this way in improving public relation and positive marketing. You are what the world thinks about you, unfortunately this self-consciousness is the mother of shyness. Being worried about what people might think about you or judge you by your actions or judge you by the decisions you make or the things you might say.
There is nothing wrong in being shy but at times this self consciousness might the cause of hindrance of your personal growth and when time comes to express yourself like asking someone for the time this Shyness factor can prevent you from doing so.
Now if your goal is to be a shy person and allow that self hindrance to take over your. These are the following ways-

1.Don’t think about things that make you shy-

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If you want to remain shy this is the first and foremost requirement for you to fulfil. Take your thinking capacity and throw it outside your window. This will help you in remaining self conscious and making you think that all eyes are on you. Now, you are no celebrity. If you are reading this blog then you definitely aren’t one but this self consciousness make you feel like one and makes you think that all eyes are on you. This thinking is the key to maintaining your shyness. Do not think about the things that keep you shy else you might start rationalizing.

2. Don’t Figure Out Your Triggers-

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Don’t check your trigger points. This will cause you to find out what embarrasses you more and what causes the shyness to take the better of you. If you openly talk to people and find out what cause the trigger points in you then  you might start self introspecting and lose your shyness.

3.Don’t Learn From Others-

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We often see people who talk  fearlessly and without any shyness. Avoid interacting with those people in all cases. This will prevent you from being shy and will help you understand them and their confidence better which you might implement in your behaviour leading to loss of shyness.

4.Don’t Practise Good Gesture.


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Eyes are the gateway to one’s mind and soul. Avoid looking into them at all cost. This will make you look unconfident about yourself and make the other person think of you as shy or someone who is trying to hide something. Good gesture is again dangerous as 70 % of the communication made is non verbal communication so poor gesture will also help in shyness building .

5.  Don’t Imagine Yourself Being Shy And Do Not Conquer it.

The best way some people overcome their shyness is by trying to imagine how they behave and interact when they are around people ,trigger points and consciously conquer it. This is a great big step for those who want to practically overcome their shyness but you don’t want this so remember to do the opposite. Don’t picture yourself being shy even if you do, just don’t bother about overcoming the image. Remember all eyes are watching you and everything you do or say.

Happy Shying!

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Everyone will go through shy phase in their life while transforming their understanding of life and around. It’s a nice laugh after coming out if it

Teja Rao

Nicely penned down!