The most beautiful five letter word after Bacon and Pizza. The history of this phenomenon is unknown. It probably never even existed as Cain didn’t feel any guilt after killing Abel. Ask yourself, “Did the Mongols feel guilty to what they did to Asia and Europe??”, absolutely not. The barbarian, Invaders and Colonizers (psst British) did everything inhumane they possibly could with no sense of guilt.Look at them now,they are not ashamed of their past and are pretty progress because they look into the future.Who wants that?!
You should aspire for something lower. Something that will eat you up on the inside. Something that will affect decisions you make and not in a good way. Thankfully, we have been gifted with a special tool to make ourselves more regressive than we already are. On should learn to adopt to this new mentality or mental thought and use this in his or her everyday life.
Guilt is just another manifestation of lower self esteem of not being good enough or disappointing someone.So it is already synonymous with your other flaws. Thus ,you have nothing to lose but only guilt to gain
Here are a few ways to incorporate guilt into your everyday life.

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Never Re-examine– Repeat this phrase five times every morning after waking up and before breakfast. Some people say that you should start your day with yoga. It is just an exaggerated version of bodyweight exercises that doesn’t create any abs. So instead replace it with this.
Do not re-examine the situation.It is almost counter-productive in building up guilt. Guilt is raw,passionate,illogical.Re-examining takes away all of that from it. In the worst case scenario you might even lose the guilt after understanding the situation better. Keep away from it like the plague (did the rats feel guilt for the plague? No)

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 Don’t Recognize your guilt- The best way to remain guilty is to not recognize your guilt. Go as far as denying it’s existence. Recognizing it will again be counterproductive and help in lowering it. This is not what we want to happen as this cause even give you the cause of guilt. Live in denial of it’s existence as long as you can. image- pintrest

Never Apologize- This is considered as a sign of weakness by people who want their guilt to remain thus you should do the same if you want to fit into that group. Ask yourself, when has apologizing helped anyone, then casually ignore all of it. This is not what you want,if you want you guilt to remain storng and consistent,keep repeating this simple mantra,”Guilt is for the weak and will take something out of me”. Twice after lunch and once before dinner.

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Don’t Share your feelings- Take a deep breath ,breath in through your nose and breath out through your mouth. That’s it. That’s all you need. Don’t even over do it. That is all the sharing of feelings you need. Remember people might make fun of you and look down on you if you share your feelings (though this is not true because most people don’t really care about anything after except themselves so your fear of embarrassment is just in your head). Feelings are omnipresent and the way you feel might be the same way someone else feels. This might not make you feel so lonely with your guilt.
So avoid sharing your feelings as much as possible to show you are tough man or in some cases tough woman or tough transgender.

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Don’t Forgive Yourself- For the love of the imaginary being you might be worshipping. Don’t forgive yourself. This is the last straw in keeping your guilt intact. You need to forget that everyone makes mistakes and is guilty of something at some point. If you forgive yourself for something ,you will one of those people who are free of guilt and are to progress ahead in life. Yeah,” Those people”! Is this what you want for yourself?

Thus, keep these five things in mind and let your guilt consume you on a regular basis!
Happy Guilting!

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