“Zdratsovitsya”,I said to her with a little nod,
Her eyes lit up as she heard that while greeting me back.
We shared a few laughs and a little talk while the guitarist on the sands played a chord.
She took me back to her place of work,where all her things were kept in a rack.

There was a lot of work going on with barely a few people around.
In the front lied her work in progress which made me spell bound.
She didn’t want any disturbance while she focused.
Her fingers were resting as she didn’t want her painting to be rushed.

Paint was still dripping from the freshly painted part.
But there was still modest pride and satisfaction on her face which made her stand apart.

After a short break she resumed her work.
As I stood there in humble appreciation of her immense effort.
Sweat ran down her brows as she wiped her face with a smirk.
A little red paint left a small stain that looked like a fresh cut.

I slowly walked away,letting her finish her masterpiece.
Thinking about how much art affects all of us,
Realizing that the painting will be finished when it does.
I left her alone with time,patience and peace.



Author: The Brown Nomad

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