Alcohol flowed like a river,
even in the middle of December it’s warmth didn’t make us shiver.

The taxi stopped hundred metres away,
The barricades were placed and vehicles had no way.

As the night slowly descended on the street,
Music started and the people seemed a little upbeat.

Shops opened up in every nook and corner,
selling everything from clothes to anklets for the tourists to garner.

Carts selling beer stood out on the sides of the street,
Youngster crowding around them while holding Shawarma in their hands with overflowing meat.

Pubs and bars were spread across both side.
Filangs crowding up on at each one,holding their pockets tight with wallets to hide.

Ladyboys walked across the length of the street looking around like it was a hall of fame.
Some so beautiful and well dressed that they would put the women who saw them to shame.

The bar girls standing outside the bar danced by vigorously moving their hips.
All they wanted was you to walk in and have their Songsam rum on your lips.

Admist all the noise a fight breaks out amongst a few drunks in middle,
the cause of the fight is to the tourists was a riddle.

Pimps putting their lips together, pulling them in and opening twice,
the puck puck sound was their call for clients looking for sex workers young,slim and nice.

At two in the morning,the police vehicle passes the streets and all the chairs are put inside,
symbolizing the end of the night which was a wild ride.

Slowly the Filangs go away,
Just to bring their stuffed wallets and come again another day.

Author: The Brown Nomad

The more you share,the more you care.

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Xiuan Chang

I go to that road when I’m in Thailand. It is a very nice road. It is also a very nice write.

Sairam Bandi

Fantastic post. Aptly describes the atmosphere at Khao San road. Going through this brought back a lot of good memories.