It was a cold morning,as cold as it could get.
The grass was crispy and the leaves were wet.

Walking down the road which was still dark.
I saw a figure walking opposite to me,a bit chubby but stark.

I tried hard not to stare,
into those big eyes in which all was laid bare.
She couldn’t help but notice that I was shy,and starting a conversation I didn’t dare.

Sensing me anxious,she smiled and walked up to me,
asking me where I was going and where I wanted to be.

Warming up the cold morning
dissolving the cloud’s lair,
the morning sun showered light
On her beautiful golden hair.

She walked me to the riverside, sat down and talked.
Her words were as graceful as her back when she walked.

Her funny nose was more amusing than her sense of humour,
“Beautiful women are cold”, she proved it to be a false rumour.

There are somethings that can make your day ,like her golden hair with a gentle curl.
Always stop and spend some time to talk ,if you ever run into this girl.


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Lenni George

This made me feel like I was there seeing it all happen! Good write, Abhi!

Padmini Polisetty

Okay! That’s nice.I felt it’s a great piece of write-up.keep going.

Zilori zoegreb

I am polish!!! And I think it’s very beautiful writing 🙂

Sairam Bandi

Excellent writing. Keep up the good work Abhi