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“Looking at me is an almond eyed girl,
Closing her palms and bowing her head.

Her smile a gentle curl,
And her hair has tinge of brownish-red.

She looks at my bags and sees that I am lost,
In a funny way she asks if I needed help with no second thought.

I ask for directions to find my way,
The noise and traffic had led me astray.

In a new land with no friends,
I was starting to wonder how my journey would end.

She saw that I was anxious ,she saw that I was sad
But her little innocent smile didn’t seem so bad.

She led me to a place she called home.
Warm and cozy with a little garden gnome.

A bowl of warm soup and a blanket nest .
She kept checking on me to see if I was taking a rest,

The day came and she took me around,
Her country was beautiful and only beauty was to be found.

When it was time to say good byes.
I saw a little sadness in her almond eyes.

I will return to that place someday.
Hoping to find her smiling in the same way.


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Author: The Brown Nomad

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Sairam Bandi

Excellent poem, very artistically written

Frank Martin

Nicely written – The brown wanderer.
When is the new book coming out?


Poem is nice and crisp
Great start !!

Santos Satpathy

A nice poem.A person lost in himslf tries to find out self in a different land among different people.